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The Stages of Proposal Acceptance and Development
How to Submit the Proposals

How to Submit the Proposals

Sending proposals to the research center includes two steps:
First: suggesting the research subject matter (presenting the first idea)
The organizations and individuals, interested in developing new proposals, and receiving ADIR research center scientific help and support, can submit a brief explanation of their suggested research subject as an attachment to ADIR email address adir@tums.ac.ir or via the fax number (021-66581759), and receive the result from ADIR deputy of research.
The form of the proposal first idea (Word format)   (pdf format)

Second: registering the complete proposal (online registration via Pajooheshyar software)
Second: registering the complete proposal (online registration via Pajooheshyar software).
Here is a brief explanation of the proposals submission stages:
Referring to Pajooheshyar software homepage in http://research.tums.ac.ir, you have to first register in this system. For this reason click new member registration in users Login page. Then you have to provide the precise information as requested. When registration is completed the password will be sent to your email address (your email will be your username).
If you then, for the second time, go to http://research.tums.ac.ir and enter your username and password, and click on Main Researcher Login, you will enter your page, with your name on top of the page. On the right side of the page, you will see a menu bar through which all activities from proposal submission to the final stage will be performed, and shows the proposal status.
Clicking on the Proposal Submission link on the right-side menu bar, you will see a page in which you have to confirm the letter of agreement after reading it thoroughly. Then you can see the Abstract Form of the proposal. Please note that you have to select "Advanced Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Research Center" in the "target collage\center" section, and "annual cost allocation of the college/center" in the "cost allocation method" section. Click Save if you completed all parts precisely.
Then you can see other parts of the proposal, and complete each part. After entering all proposal information, making sure about its accuracy, and editing it if needed click on "Finish and Send". And to finalize the process click on "Save" in the next page. In this stage, the proposal will be locked (the edition of the information will be disabled), and it will be sent to the Center for revision and acceptance. So the revision\revision request column in the proposals status bar will show a lock instead of a pen.
As a rule, you can edit the information in the time of submission. So it will not be possible for the proposals to get reviewed until the submission is complete and the proposal is locked (you have clicked finish and send). If you then tended to make a revision in your proposal, you can send a request for revision to your target research center by clicking on the lock icon in the revision/ revision request column. After their approval, you can unlock and revise the proposal.
When you have finished working with your account, you have to sign out of the Pajooheshyar software.
It is not possible for different users to work in one account at the same time. And if the second user enters the account with similar username and password, the first user will be automatically signed out of the system.

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